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Conservation and Bonelli's Eagle Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 01 September 2009
Bonelli's eagle is a classic Mediterranean bird of prey, associated with the mosaic of forests, scrub and farmland typical in southern Iberia. It builds its nest in crags and ravines and hunts over scrubland, pasture and dry farmland. Its population is declining throughout Europe. About 1000 pairs survive in the continent, of which around 750 are in Spain. Bonelli's Eagle is not a globally threatened species  according to IUCN : there are reasonable populations in Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia.

The european eagle is a species which prefers wooded, often hilly, country with some open areas, and so the countryside in and around The Lines - especially near Monte Socorro - is pretty much ideal. It builds its nest in crags and ravines (and sometimes in trees) and hunts over scrubland, pasture and dry farmland. The most serious threats for the Bonelli's Eagles in Europe are hunting, collision of juvenile and immatures on electric wires, and the expansion of human presence as well as food reduction (the bird gets its name in Spanish ( Águila Perdicera ) from its taste for partridge (perdiz) which brings it into direct conflict with hunters).
Perhaps the greatest problem, however, is the change of land use and the abandonment of traditional agricultural exploitations, that has overthrown the equilibrium of the landscape ("habitat mosaic") either by natural reforestation, or through new agricultural practices. The Quintas da Póvoa e Vale do Corvo have an important role in maintaining the environment.

link to the CEAI site 

A recent visit by two CEAI project investigators was rewarded with a good sighting of young male Bonelli close to the Póvoa farmhouse. 


Franco Andrea Bonelli was an Italian naturalist who lived from 1784 to 1830.

At the time of the Lines (September 1810), he was invited by Napoleon to take up a post in the new Natural History Museum in Paris, going on soon after to become professor at the University of Turin.

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